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Commemorate the Soul, Enhance the Synagogue

New approaches to mark commemoration within synagogues are giving them greater aesthetics and style, while preserving the dignity of the memorials.

For generations the synagogue has been the beating heart of the Jewish community. Beyond being a place of prayer and a center for Torah study, it is also a venue for weddings, brits and bar-mitzvahs and a community center.  So naturally this is the place where community members wish to commemorate their departed loved ones.


The desire to commemorate
Traditionally, the way to commemorate the deceased was by placing a memorial plaque on a furniture item in the synagogue – often along with a financial donation. Sometimes worshippers even purchased a piece of furniture to commemorate the deceased. However the problem over time was that synagogues started to accumulate furniture items of different styles which affected their visual harmony and aesthetiques.


The modern way

The evolving needs of the synagogue within the modern community mean that visual appeal and unity of styling is now a priority. Specialists at Lavi Furniture Industries deal with commemorative areas in various ways. All the names of the deceased can be displayed in one place, such as in the entrance lobby of the synagogue or on a dedicated wall. Adding special decorative elements such as a tree image with branches can give greater visual interest.

A commemorative wall can also be arranged so that part of the area honors the deceased while another area honors living donors. There is adequate space for more plaques to be added.


Plaques on individual items

New design solutions also serve worshippers who prefer to commemorate their loved ones on a particular item of furniture. All that’s needed is to determine that all plaques displayed are of uniform materials that are already used in the area. The form of the inscription should also be similar to those already existing – so that new and older items integrate well together.


Substance behind the spirit

Since many synagogues – especially the more modern ones – are now keen to integrate design with commemoration, there is much more emphasis today on the use of varied materials.

Glass memorial plaques (including printed glass) are fitted at a distance from the wall; many plaques are made in copper, brass or silver; lettering is sometimes embossed with a silver or gilded finish.


Commemoration is an integral part of the synagogue environment. By using the advanced technologies, innovative ideas and materials available at Lavi Furniture Industries, this aspect gets a refreshing look. The deceased are remembered with great dignity, donors are acknowledged in style, and the synagogue gains additional aesthetic and unique areas.