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It is Purim!  Synagogues around the world are preparing to party

On Kibbutz Lavi, it’s a holiday that is constantly on our mind. 

Why? Because communities need to be able to make quick changes in their shuls. Halls need transforming into spaces for extra megillah readings. Prayer halls changing, within moments of the megillah’s end, into places for costume contests. 


We are constantly pioneering new solutions to help communities make their shuls into versatile spaces. We produce stylish-but-stackable seating systems and ultra-movable mechitzas that can be wheeled away within seconds. 

Innovations like these mean that prayer spaces can quickly be changed in to areas for other activities, whether lectures, meetings, or Purim celebrations.

 If you’re getting the impression that the smart designers here at Lavi have thought of just about everything, you would be right.

 They have even come up with especially-strong seating for shuls and yeshivot where people are excitable, and like to stand on their seats to get a good view, or even dance on their pews. 

Whether you celebrate the upcoming festival quietly seated on your favorite shul spot, or in flamboyant costume dancing on the pews, we wish you a Happy Purim.