Uniquely designed bookcases

The synagogue houses a collection of Sifrei Kodesh, including Siddurim, Chumashim, and Mishnayat, creating the need for another essential furniture item: Bookcases. Crafted from solid wood, the bookcase serves multiple purposes — it organizes the books, enhances the overall design, and meets crucial requirements in three key aspects:

Worshiper accessibility

Each bookcase is meticulously designed to accommodate the needs, space dimensions, community size, and book usage patterns, ensuring that worshipers can easily retrieve and return books.


Housing numerous heavy books, bookcase construction prioritizes safety. This involves engineering the centers of gravity and preparing infrastructure for securely anchoring the library to the wall.

Design to match the environment

Our approach considers the unique style and preferences of the individual congregation. We assess the existing furniture in the prayer hall, ensuring that the bookcase design complements the overall aesthetic. Over the years, we have created bookcases in various styles, including those fitting synagogues with rounded walls, suspended bookcases resting on stone pillars, modern and innovative designs, solid wood bookcases featuring showcases and glass doors, units with locked compartments or drawers, simple beehive-style bookcases, and robust, intricately designed items reminiscent of antique and tradition-rich furniture.