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The Restoration Project in Germany of a 19th century Synagogue destroyed in the Holocaust

Reality transcends any script we can imagine as the Carlebach Synagogue Restoration Project proved to us recently.

 This 19th century synagogue required careful and meticulous reconstruction after the Holocaust and all wehad to base the work on were partial black-white photos from limited angles.


When German architect Thomas Schröder-Berkentien sought the craftsmen for the task, he contacted us.

 Rising to the  challenge, we recreated ornaments in the Moorish style in which the synagogue was built and perfected everything including a unique, delicate gold plated construction at the top of the Aron Kodesh.


During the work process, we discovered that Rabbi Winter, who led the congregation at the time of the Holocaust, had grandchildren who were now living in our Kibbutz – this was a great moment, as history came alive.


The project was completed just in time for the festive reinauguration. So proud to be a part of this historical milestone in Jewish history on German soil.     

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