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The importance of reputation and long-term stability

Because synagogue furniture projects involve significant budgets, the size of the manufacturing company and its long-term trading reputation are major issues. The most important step after signing the order and making the advance payment is having peace of mind.


In addition, consideration needs to be given to the location and size of the various furniture items in the synagogue space, and also the required definitions regarding width of aisles, access for the disabled, escape exits and so on. With Lavi`s exceptional blend of skills and experience, we will provide you with a well thought-out placing plan taking into account all of the interior design elements and the unique needs of the congregants.

When you order from Lavi, we check and re-check the designs and measurements, and use our own measurements, for which we take full responsibility. We do not rely on measurements made by anybody else, since a relatively small error in measurement can result in it not being possible to place the benches according to the agreed plan. This is especially the case where the placing requirements are more complex, such as stepping, curved rows, and placing the furniture next to openings, pillars and walls etc.

There are companies that use the drawings and plans prepared by another manufacturer, which could result in errors and discrepancies. Remember, using the placing plans and drawings of other companies, without their consent, is a form of theft that contravenes copyright laws and is thus illegal.

The size of the company and its financial strength
When making any large investment, and furnishing your synagogue is the largest one that your community will ever make (after building the synagogue itself), you need to ensure that the company you are investing with will be able to provide the goods on time, in good condition and will be able to provide the superior service required to maintain the quality of your investment over time. Lavi Furniture Services is the world`s leading manufacturer of synagogue furniture and working with us is a “blue-chip” investment.
The size of the company and its financial circumstances ensures that Lavi Furniture Industries always delivers on time. When you sign the order with Lavi, you do so in the knowledge that it has the financial stability and strength to deliver. Lavi is able to absorb any sudden changes in market conditions during the lead time entailed in the design, planning and manufacture of synagogue furniture.

This applies also to delivery of the products after purchasing and also support after installation. Products made out of wood are sensitive to knocks and scratches, and could be damaged during transit and during installation. Frequently, remedial action is needed on the part of the manufacturer. It is possible that you will need maintenance activity during the lifetime of the furniture. Lavi Furniture Industries have been around for over fifty years and you can rest assured that as a large and stable company, we will remain at your disposal over the whole of the period of use of the furniture, and will be able to meet our promises and declarations made at the time of signing the contract.

Because of Lavi`s size and financial strength, we are able to provide payment terms that are fair and reasonable, and we are in a position to be flexible, adjusting our payment terms to the specific needs of your synagogue.

What about product warranty?
Most companies provide a product warranty when purchasing their products. You should check what is included in the warranty and what it covers. There are companies that provide a lifetime warranty, although the lifetime of the product is defined as only 10 years, with the “lifetime warranty” being good for only 10 years.

The sales personnel and the system backing them up
In the course of the purchase process, you will need to make various decisions regarding the suitability of the benches and their design. Issues such as – the bench model, form of the external footing, thickness of upholstery, color and design of the cloth, engraving of a logo or writing on the external leg and so on. All of these things require knowledge which you may not necessarily have at your disposal. In this situation, it is important that you feel comfortable with the sales person accompanying you, and you need to feel sure that he and the company he represents have the ability to present you with the variety of possibilities and capabilities, and to execute them when the time comes. In connection with this, it is important to look into the planning and design set-up at the factory, the machinery enabling the execution of complex jobs and past experience as an indication of the ability to back up the promises given.