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The Classic Series

The centerpiece of our collection, the Classic seating system, includes a personalized storage compartment for each worshiper along with a foldable double shelf for the siddur. This shelf also acts as a cover for the storage compartment, ensuring easy siddur access while both sitting and standing. The rising pew seats provide additional space for worshippers […]

Malchut Series

Supported by a sturdy steel frame, the bench remains unupholstered, yet features an ergonomically designed backrest, ensuring comfort for extended periods of sitting, praying, and studying. Versatile in its use, the bench allows placement in front of a table, shtender, or another bench with a shelf. In this series, pew seats rise, to provide worshippers […]

The Ladino Series

The Ladino series presents a distinctive seating system, where each seat functions as an individual unit within an extended bench, reminiscent of theater-style seating. Crafted to cater to the unique needs of each worshiper during prayer, every seat establishes an independent space, ensuring maximum comfort. The design seamlessly integrates with the synagogue’s elegant aesthetic. The […]

The Yeshivati Series

Tailored to meet the unique needs of yeshivas and batei midrash, the benches in this series feature an unpadded design. However, the ergonomically crafted backrest ensures learners experience utmost comfort during extended periods of sitting, praying, and studying. The versatile bench allows for placement in front of a table, shtender, or another bench with a […]

Stackable Chairs

כסאות נערמים לבית כנסת

A stackable chair proves highly beneficial for multi-use halls or synagogues that alternate between using and storing chairs as needed. In recent years, there has been a global shift from wooden stackable chairs to their metal counterparts. Metal chairs offer several advantages, primarily their durability under heavy usage and sturdiness when stacked.


Chairs form an independent seating system within the synagogue or event hall and are frequently acquired as a complementary product to seating systems from other series. Flexibility in chair arrangement, along with the option of adding more when extra seating is needed, renders their use convenient and versatile. Some models offer the choice of matching […]

Aron Kodesh Palatin

Palatin is derived from palatium, Latin for “palace.” Chazal reference this term in various contexts, representing a hall or palace. We chose it as the name of our smallest aron kodesh, which can house up to two Torah scrolls, making it particularly suitable for small synagogues. Despite its modest size, it is well-designed, radiating beauty […]

Aron Kodesh Dvir

Aron Kodesh Dvir stands as a prevalent choice among our aronot kodesh, gracing various spaces including IDF bases, hotels, and synagogues of a more intimate scale. Over the years, its design and structure have evolved, benefitting from accumulated experience and invaluable feedback from our numerous satisfied customers who have chosen this model. It features convenient […]

Aron Kodesh Shilo

ארון שילה אומנויות

Aron Kodesh Shilo stands as the epitome of luxury and grandeur within our catalog. Your pathway to budget optimization begins with this remarkable piece, designed for synagogues with specific financial considerations aiming to maximize their investment. Its various versions enable accommodating the spatial needs of many synagogues. Choosing from our existing designs ensures significant savings […]

Aron Kodesh Shtibel

Aron Kodesh Shtibel is exact in its accommodation of batei midrash situated at the rear of synagogues, adjacent to major synagogues, or in smaller synagogues seeking a model suitable for a modest number of Torah scrolls that adds grace to the space. Featuring opening doors and storage space in the lower section, complemented by a […]